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Beta Fish Care and Feeding

Beta fish are not big eaters but can be feed once or twice a day. They can be fed floating flake food, freeze dried blood worms, live black worms, or frozen brine shrimp. for beta food.

It is important not to feed your Beta fish or Betta Fish to much live food as it has been known to cause problems.

A good, solid, frozen food or fish pellet with the occasional live treat is a sure way to go. We usually recommend feeding Beta fish 1 or 2 pellets each time.

See our recommended Beta Pellets .

beta fish care and feedingIf you notice the water in the tank is becoming cloudy then you are likely overfeeding your Beta fish.

For this you can use rich tropical flakes fish food when feeding Beta fish, or you can to purchase the “newly available” beta fish food.

It is important to note when feeding Beta fish or Betta fish that if you are using a tank without a filtration system over feeding your fish will require more water changes as the uneaten food will quickly accumulate on the bottom of the bowl or tank.



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