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Breeding Beta Fish and Beta Fish Mating

When breeding beta fish or betta fish, it is important to learn to distinguish between the mature male and female beta fish. Beta male fish have much longer fins than female beta fish.

Male and female beta fish should not be kept together except for an hour or two in a fish bowl or small aquarium, while they spawn.

When changing the water in the tank you can use ordinary tap water but make sure to let the water age for a day or so to allow the chlorine dissipate. If you cannot drink your tap water then bottle water is recommended.

Beta Fish Mating   Beta Fish Mating

Female Beta Fish

Male Beta Fish

Female Beta fish can be kept together in one aquarium. However, beta male fish will need to be kept in separate tanks or bowls. See our entire selection of Beta Fish Tanks and Bowls .

You can feed your male or female beta fish floating pellet food labeled for beta fish, or freeze dried blood worms, which are mosquito larvae. click to see our selection of Beta food or freeze dried blood worms.

When you're ready to spawn your female beta fish, feed her the following foods each morning and each evening in the order listed: BettaMin, Freeze Dried Blood Worms, some live or frozen brine shrimp, and then a few live Black Worms.

When breeding beta fish, proper care and lots of food are also very important. After proper care and feeding the female beta will swell with egg,

Breeding Beta FishThe proper food will also encourage the beta male fish to build a large bubble nest.

While breeding beta fish you should replace 20% of the water in the beta fish bowl or tank each day. This should stimulate the beta male fish to build bubble nests on the surface of the water.

Place your plumpest female beta fish in the tank or bowl with the beta male fish that has built the largest bubble net.

The two beta fish will usually quarrel for a while. The beta male fish may tear the female's fins, she may nip him back, and then you should see the beta fish mating.

It is important that you watch carefully to be sure that the beta male fish doesn't hurt the female too badly while the beta fish are mating.

Regardless of whether the beta fish do, or do not spawn, the female should be removed and put her back in her original aquarium or fish bowl.

The beta male fish will care for the eggs in the bubble nest. You will see him taking the eggs into his mouth where he cleans them with special natural chemicals in his mouth. Two days after spawning the chemicals in his mouth change and dissolve the outer layer of the eggs to release the fry.

It is very difficult to raise the beta fry in an aquarium or a bowl. We recommend placing the beta fry in a pond. The water temperature has to be 68 degrees F. or warmer. The pond was often 70 degrees F. and warmer during the summer. Check out fish pond supplies.




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