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Beta Fish Friends

Beta fish, Betta fish or Siamese fighting fish can also be kept with other fish. This fact is often overlooked do to the fighting spirit of the Beta. It is recommended that the other fish be smaller in size then the beta fish.


May tank friends for the beta include:

cory cats
neon tetras
cardinal tetras
white cloud mountain minnow
zebra danios
cherry barbs
beta fish care

You can even add one or two female to a beta male fish since it is the males with the predominately aggressive attitude.

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Beta Fish and Plants

I would also recommend adding plants to your bowl or tank. Do not use any plants except natural water plants that are not toxic to the fish. Ensure the plants do not have any sharp tips on them. Artifical plants such as the ludwigia plant are perfect for Beta Beta Fish Care and Plantsfish aquariums.

The best thing for you and your fish would be to get real live plants. Real ones are much more beautiful and help balance the water condition. Plants such as are great aquarium companions for your Beta fish. The best part is that they are not sharp at all and are very inexpensive, you may buy real plants at any pet store.





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